• Hans Söllner
  • Viktor Gernot & Richard Oesterreicher Bigband
  • Wolfgang Ambros, Norbert Schneider
  • Christopher Seiler
  • Kurt Ostbahn & die Musiker seines Vertrauens
  • Opus & Freunde
  • Kurt Ostbahn & die Musiker seines Vertrauens


First shows for 2017 online now!

Starting today, our first shows for the upcoming season 2017 are available for presale.

- On July 7th, the pioneers of German A-Capella Pop Music, DIE PRINZEN, will proof to have not lost their wit and freshness after 25 years of successfully touring almost every stages in Europe.

- Mixing Bavarian Folkmusic with Ska-Punk, Techno, Reggae and Bras, LABRASSBANDA will grant a lively evening on July 15th.

- We are pleased to welcome singer, composer and Grammy Award Winner GREGORY PORTER on July 22nd aboard the Donaubühne.

- On July 27th, KONSTANTIN WECKER will perfom a new programm named "Poesy and Resistance".

- On August 13th, German singer & songwriter GREGOR MEYLE will his band, play his hits like „Keine ist wie du“ as well as his new songs.

- On August 19th, Austria's well bearded daughter CONCHITA will stage her favorite covers and brandnew songs of her own.

And for all decisive customers: profit from our Early Bird Bonus! -15% off for each ticket bought until December 31st, 2016.

We look forward a wonderful summer 2017
Your Donaubühne-Team